While rumours suggest Shraddha Kapoor dating Aditya Roy Kapur, another story about her love for Varun Dhawan has surfaced. This is no rumour as Shraddha herself has confessed to Delhi-based newspaper Hindustan Times about it. Yes, the ABCD 2 actor has revealed that she once had a crush on Varun.

She said that it was while shooting a scene in the US with Varun, when Shraddha burst out into a laughter remembering the day she had confessed her love to Varun.

The story goes back years ago when 8-year-old Shraddha had accompanied her father Shakti Kapoor, film-maker David Dhawan and Varun for an outdoor shoot.

It was then, the little Shraddha decided to profess her love for Varun, and asked Varun to pay attention to the sentence she was about to say in the reverse order. Following this, Shraddha said ‘you-love-I’ to Varun. Varun is said to have given a stern look and a replied ‘no’ before running away from her.

It is said that the incident has ever since become a joke between them and while shooting for a romantic song with Varun recently at picturesque location, Shraddha could not but remember the incident.